Pure water, secluded place, beautiful scenery and beautiful sunsets – for that we love this beach.

The beach is located in the vicinity of the village of Peya, next to the sea caves. Nearby there is a convenient parking lot.

You can choose two options: go down from the parking lot down 100 meters or go to the right for 300 meters.

In the first version, the launch is not the most convenient, but quite passable.

The coastal sandy part is not very large, and if everything is occupied by holidaymakers, you can go a little to the left for the ledge of the rock or climb on it.

Salt is sometimes formed in the roughness of stone slabs.

On the right part of the beach to get even more difficult, but there are very few people there.

First, you need to walk on the path of 100-150 meters, and then you can go down to the favorite stone ledge.

Someone comes to the furthest secluded beach, and someone, and we including, settles on stone slabs.

Both places have everything for beautiful snorkeling: large and small stones overgrown with a variety of algae, various inhabitants of the sea and clear water. On one time we even saw a meter-long turtle that enthusiastically ate algae.



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