Millomeris Falls is part of the Cryos Potamos River and is located in the village of Platres. It can be reached in two ways: on a walking route through the forest along the river (for those who like to walk in the cool forest) or drive to the parking lot a hundred meters (for more lazy or for families with children). We went through the woods.

The trail starts from the signpost on the F825 road. It is better to go in comfortable sneakers, as on the way will often meet steps and stones.

Most of the way the trail goes down, but still, in some areas there are steep climbs, so you have to sweat.

A bridge will be thrown across the shallow river of Krios.

On the way, even a novice photographer will find interesting shots.

Although the forest landscapes are very beautiful, for their own safety it is worth looking under your feet.

Railings have been installed in the most dangerous places.

There is also a map and a sign in the parking lot.

The waterfall itself is hidden among the stone ledges and a narrow ribbon descends into a small lake. In the summer there are quite a lot of tourists. Someone bathes in the streams of falling water, and someone just sits on the rocks, lowering his legs into a leaky river.



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