Asproremmos Reservoir is one of the largest freshwater reservoirs on the island. The reservoir was formed as a result of the construction of a dam on the Xeros River, in 1982.

The journey from Paphos takes about 20 minutes, from Limassol – about 35 minutes.

Near the reservoir there is a parking lot with asphalt road, so it is better to lay the route immediately on it.

The dam is free to walk and drive.

The dam offers beautiful views of the valley and the pond. There are almost no people here, all quickly make beautiful photos and leave.

It is best to come here in early spring, while there are still young greens everywhere and a variety of flowers are blooming.

But even in such a marvelous place you need to be careful – there are snakes in the area. When we were getting back to the car, a long black tail crawled in the grass, on the side of us. We’re lucky the snake decided to hide from us, not attack.

The shores of the reservoir are perfect for a small picnic, but without lighting fires, as the information plates remind.



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