Kasprova-Verkh is the peak in the West Tatras with a height of 1970 meters above sea level.

Since the mountain is located in the national park, personal means of transportation there is prohibited. You can take the city bus to the bus stop of Koznica, on foot or in a horse-riding cart.

You can climb to the top in two ways: on foot and on a cable car. On foot, the road in the summer takes about 3 hours, and in winter tourist routes are closed. Tickets for the lift are sold online and at the box office before entering. If the lift is closed due to weather conditions, the ticket is handed over with a full refund.

If you want not only to walk on the mountain range, but also to try out the local trails, then different options ski passes and their cost here.

You need to be prepared not only for stunning scenery, but also for a quick and frequent change of weather. The next two photos are taken with a difference of about 10 minutes.

This path is the border between Poland and Slovakia.

On the mountain is the Kasprov Meteorological Observatory, which since January 22, 1938 is used for continuous meteorological observations. Information received from the observatory goes to the compilation of weather forecasts for the residents of the city and the surrounding area.

On this site there is useful information about Kasprova-Verkh and other popular tourist peaks.



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