What can you do in the summer in the picturesque mountains of Tyrol? Of course, hiking. From its various variants, we have chosen hiking, in the endowed version of it.

The first destination was a small chapel in the forest on the mountainside, and the second – Lake Reinthaler.

After paving the route and taking with us food and water, we set off. From Vergl by car reached the municipal paid parking, where the car and left. Cost – 3 euros for 3h, sort of.

Then the map led, along the sidewalk along the road, into the forest after the village.

Almost at the very edge of the forest was a pointer with several routes and travel time on each of them.

The drizzling rain whispered to us to go on the fastest route: one part of it was a wide ground-burning, and the other – an overgrown path under the crowns of trees.

As you climb the mountain, the landscapes become more picturesque and larger.

The feeling of being on the same level with the clouds is incredible!

That’s our first point – a small old chapel.

After a little rest, we went on the way back, but already on the way, as the rain had ended, and wanted to walk in the open air.

The path to the lake starts right in front of the parking lot, which was convenient. There is no way to the lake for cars. On the way we went to the local cafe, where we wanted to eat normally, but it was already closed. To our delight, we made two coffees with us.

Despite the rainy weather, there were several tents on the shore, and their occupants swam in the pond and fished.

Undoubtedly, the atmosphere on the lake, on such a day, had to appease and contemplate.



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