Green Valley is a small waterfall near the village of Trimiklini. There is a waterfall on a creek flowing from the Saittas dam.

A huge number of advertising signs in three languages will not allow you to drive past. There is a car park near the restaurant and across the street from it. The entrance to the waterfall is behind the restaurant and costs 5€ per adult and 3€ per child. There you can also buy honey, homemade eggs, feathers from the headtail of a peacock, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables. We bought ourselves to try honey – 7€ for 330g and eggs (small) – 5€ for 12 pieces.

The first 10 meters of the path goes along the chicken coop with chickens, peacocks and a characteristic strong smell.

*All of the following photos are taken on the way back.

The path is a tunnel in which people with a height of 170 cm and will have to bend almost all the time. But you will have to constantly look under your feet, as the path is very winding and in several places very narrow.

For convenience, railings and several benches are equipped throughout the journey.

For those who want to relax near the waterfall installed benches and sunbeds (it is better to clean them something before use).

In front of the waterfall is specially made a pool of 1 meter deep, in which you can swim.

To the right of the waterfall flows another small stream, which, judging by the smell, merges sewers from a private house and restaurant.

Upstream is an unusual double bridge built in 1901. Initially, only the lower part was built, which was used by pedestrians and horse-drawn carriages. With the advent of cars on the island, in 1917 the upper part was built.

From the height of a couple of tens of meters and the stormy flow of water is breathtaking.



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  1. Awful 😖 😱 😨 experience 😢 😞 😪
    The owner is a thief rude and untrustworthy person 😤 😒 🙄
    He told me to get an egg 🥚 for free while leaving the place
    And when I got it he told me to give it back..calling me a thief
    He charges you with 5euros entrance fee and he thinks 🤔 🙄 🤣 we visit Niagara falls Xanax xaxa

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