Arkadi is a significant monastery in the life of all Orthodox residents of Crete. According to various versions it was founded in the 5th or 7th century.

Opened by Arcada daily from 9 a.m., and the closing time varies depending on the season. The exact opening times can be found here. The cost of entry is 3 degrees.

You can reach the monastery by car or public transport. On the website of the local bus carrier there is an opportunity to buy a ticket with the choice of departure date.

In 1866, the population of the monastery consisted of several hundred refugees and rebels who rebelled against Ottoman rule. During another attack by the Ottoman army, some Greeks went to the cellars with gunpowder. After the Turks broke into the monastery, the rebels blew up the gunpowder. The rest of the surviving Greeks were captured and then executed.

Restoration of buildings destroyed during the events of the Great Cretan Revolution began in 1870.

After the walk, you can have a snack in the local cafe and visit a lively corner.



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