Together with renting an apartment we got two retro bikes. Due to the sufficient expensive car rental, we planned to travel around the city by public transport or on foot. The bike was an absolute salvation for us.

Castello Sforcesco

This huge castle was founded in the 14th century as the residence of the Visconti dynasty. During its centuries-long history it has experienced several warriors, destruction, perestroika and restoration. Now you can walk freely on its territory. There are several museums within the castle walls, and you can find out about them in detail on the castle’s website.

Sempione Park

This is our first time in Milan and it will definitely be associated with this park, which we enjoyed spending a few days with. In the park you can lie on the grass, absorbing ice cream, breathe pines and listen to the music of local musicians.

Arco della Pace

The arch was built in 1807 as a Triumphal in honor of the victories of Napoleon I. And finished construction only in 1835 and in honor of the Vienna Congress of 1815. The richly decorated arch is visible from The Sempione Park.

Ambrose Basilica

An ancient building with almost nine hundred years of history, beautiful architecture and its religious relics. During our visit to the basilica there was a service so we just looked inside from the doorstep – liked it.

Milan Cathedral

Huge building and the most beautiful in the whole city. We didn’t get inside, because the queue for the ticket is longer than our lives. Or come to 7 a.m. and take a queue before the box office opens. Tourists coming to see the cathedral, a great many.

Garibaldi Gate

Monumental arch of 1825. You can drive on the way to the Vertical Forest.

San Lorenzo Colonnade

The Roman colonnade of the 4th century. A rather crowded place – someone will happen music through speakers, someone admires the old structure, and someone just relaxes in the shadow of neighboring houses. By the way, on the road opposite the columns there are only trams.

Vertical forest

Brilliant idea and great performance. All. Such houses are needed in every city, and in megacities are needed especially. I am sincerely happy for the tenants.


In one day we toured all the planned sights, and on other days were able to just ride around the city in all directions. According to the GPS tracker, in 4 days we have traveled 60 km.

Who would have thought that in a million metropolis you can safely ride a bike in a four-lane stream of cars, buses and the same two-wheeled as you. You are an equal participant in the road – everyone treats you with respect. Even a cool BMW patiently followed us on a narrow street – in some Moscow we would have long been imprinted in the asphalt.



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