The Riga Motor Museum is the only car museum in Latvia that has been giving its guests an opportunity to see all the splendor of retro cars since 1989.

For those wishing to arrive by their car, there is a spacious parking lot in front of the museum, and public transport enthusiasts can take buses №5 and №15 right to the Motormuzejs bus stop. You can use this website to plot the route, choose the right kind of ticket and find out its cost.

The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost of an adult entrance ticket is 10 degrees, there are also preferential ticket options, and for some groups of persons admission is free. All the details are on the museum’s website.

Currently, the permanent exhibition occupies 3 floors and includes several exhibitions:

  • The long road to the car
  • The origins of the automotive industry
  • Cars of the 20s
  • Cars 30-40 years
  • Kremlin Collection
  • Soviet automotive industry
  • Auto and motorcycle sport
  • Cargo and special equipment
  • Cult cars
  • Auto, moto and cycling industry in Latvia

The museum also has table puzzles that will be interesting for children and adults; and on one of the walls there is a quiz, with which you can check how carefully you read the information stands.

With some exhibits you can interact, for example, listen to what is told on different waves of the radio, play in the race on the slot machine, under the stories of the driver “go” in the bus to the village or choose the design of the car.

In this museum you do not have to walk with a sorority view, afraid to once again breathe near the exhibit. Here you will discreetly spend a few hours studying the history and looking at colorful cars.



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