How to get there

  • Left road. The asphalt part ends still on White River Beach, so the last few kilometers will have to go on not the smoothest primer. It is better to leave the car near the tavern “Viklari Peyia”. From the parking lot to the beginning of the gorge you have to walk about a kilometer along the path.
  • It’s the right road. The asphalt ends shortly after the last hotel. The road is past the agia Matrona Church. We’re going down this road because you can leave the car near the beginning of the route and the path on the primer is minimal.

Walking trail

Along the way, there are often various inhabitants of the undergrowth: wild goats, lizards and even chameleons.

Passage through the gorge is not the safest, so it is better to go in sneakers or other suitable shoes. A bottle of water with you will not hurt.

When approaching the gorge we constantly met people in helmets, as well as signs that go at your own risk. It is understandable – the probability of the collapse of stones is not zero, and pigeons nest at the top in excess:-)

On the way there are many large and small stones, mostly slippery – keep your ears open.

After going 1-2 kilometers deep, we decided to turn back, as a little tired, and the desire to climb through them was not.

In general, the place can be visited 1 time, when you want coolness and a few unusual photos. They write that in winter during the rainy season, it is better not to go there, as the stream is well spilled and can be even dangerous. We found an indirect confirmation of this at the entrance to the gorge, where there were traces of a blurred road.



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