Dalfazer is a beautiful waterfall located in the Rofan Mountains, opposite Lake Achenzee.

The entire route to the waterfall is pedestrian, so the car can be left either before the beginning of the trail, or in the parking lot near the center of Atoll Achensee (parking paid).

On the trail there are several signs, including on the short road, which is worse in quality (many stones and roots of trees) and with a large angle of ascent. We walked on it long enough, as it is difficult for me to go up and have to stop often, so I don’t know how much this way faster.

We went down the main road. It is quite wide, smooth and consists of fine rubble. It even has a place to relax.

Behind this sign is the continuation of a short road, and there is also a passage to the Dalfazer stream.

In front of the waterfall is an observation deck with two wooden loungers to relax after the ascent and enjoy the beauty of this place.

The water’s drop height is 61 meters, making the waterfall one of the highest in this area.

Near the foot you can cool off in the wind-sprayed streams of water.

If you go on the main road you don’t need anything, except a bottle of drinking water, if on short – comfortable sneakers.

After the descent, you can visit the spa or sauna at Atoll Achensee or just swim in the lake.



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