The picnic area is located in the small coniferous Pikni forest. The forest is located on a high hill near Peya and the Paphos zoo, which in some places offers wonderful views of the sea and nearby villages.

On the road there are signs for the exit, so it will be difficult to pass it.

Facilities on site

Opposite the entrance is a spacious parking, which can accommodate several dozen cars. At the entrance to the picnic area, there is a light and pleasant aroma of coniferous trees.

For vacationers, 2 special covered places have been made for safe making a fire, where you can cook barbecue and vegetables. Fresh water for washing hands, food or dishes is also carried out. A toilet has been built on the right side of the territory for civilized recreation.

Several dozen tables and benches are installed on a vast territory. Some of them are in groups, for big companies, and some – single. Several tables are adapted for people using wheelchairs, and they are marked with a special sign. Near a few tables there are small trash cans, and near the parking lot – large garbage cans, so the place is quite clean, but on the ground fantasies and cigarette bulls still have.

The terrain is quite flat: there are no wood roots and stones sticking out in all directions, so after eating you can lie on a mat, a towel or any other mat for rest of your choice and relax in the shade of trees. This is what we and other vacationers did.



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