Monthly expenses for food and household chemicals in stores

We are a young family (20-30 years old) without children. The table shows the approximate expenses in 2020 for food and accommodation related items based on bank card statements. Average cost of living per month in 2020 (only shops without rent) is about 520 €. You can compare with 2019 here.

April550October 589

Other expenses

  • Petrol (class B car, Honda Fit type) – 150 €. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and working from home, they drove significantly less by car than in 2019. The cost of 95 petrol in Cyprus ranged from 0.95 to 1.2 € per 1l, depending on the price of oil on the market.
  • Cafes and restaurants – 726 €, average bill from 25-30 € for two without alcohol. There are no cash expenses indicated here, which are difficult to calculate (probably another 100 € since cards are rarely accepted in villages).
  • Mobile and home internet, calls – 80 € to Spanish Orange Mundo, Cyprus PrimeTel 30 € and epic – 20 €.
  • Car maintenance – 78 € (oil and filter change), state technical inspection (MOT) – 35 €.
  • Rent for a 2b/2b fully furnished apartment with a communal pool in the Universal area – 700 €/month until June 30.
  • The rent for a 2b/1b fully furnished apartment with a terrace and a backyard garden in Chloraka is 700 €/month from July 1.
  • Communal expenses (in Chloraka): electricity – 87 € for July-September, water and sewage are included in the rent – about 30 €.
  • Coronavirus tests at Paphos airport for two: 120 €.
  • Visa fees for a Schengen visa for two – 70 € (find out how in our article).
  • Parking at Paphos Airport for 3 weeks (uncovered parking) – 100 €.

The list doesn’t show spending during holidays in January (2 weeks) and August (3 weeks) and other cash expenses.

Product prices by category for comparison

Below are the prices for November 2020 from several stores (in different stores, prices for the same product may differ by more than 1 €).

1. Food

Dairy products

Product nameProduct name
Butter Kerrygold, 250g3.85Brie cheese PRESIDENT, 200g3.95
Butter OLDENBURGER, 250g1.69Cream LANITIS 32%, 250ml2.18

Fruits and vegetables

Product nameProduct name
Apples, 1kg1.77Potatoes, 1kg 0.89
Grapes, 1kg3.39Tomatoes, 1kg 3.25
Pineapples, 1kg 1.39Champignons, 1kg 3.85
Bananas, 1kg 0.99Sweet pepper, 1kg 3.98
Carrots, 1kg1.58Beetroot, 1kg 1.25

Butchery and fish

Product nameProduct name
Whole chicken, 1kg 2.69 Salmon steak, 1kg 16.95
Chicken fillet, 1kg 5.99Salmon fillet, 1kg25.99
Pork loin, 1kg 4.49Sea bream, 1kg 7.39
Black Angus Ribeye, 1кг34.95Sea bass, 1kg 7.49
Beef mince, 1kg 7.15Octopus, 1kg 13.95


Product nameProduct name
Lentils AGRINO, 500g1.50Apricot jam DIALEKTO, 500g1.09
Rice Carolina, OSCAR, 750g 2.49Mayonnaise HELLMAN’S, 430g 3.39
Spaghetti MITSIDES, 500g0.59Beans BONDUELLE, 340g 1.91
Tahini DF, 250g 1.89Peas HEINZ, 390g1.25
Instant coffee JACOBS, 100g3.99Tuna JOHN WEST, 4*170g6.63
Tea AHMAD English Breakfast, 40g1.69Salt DIALEKTO, 1kg0.45


Product nameProduct name
KITKAT mini, 200g2.65FERRERO ROSHER, 300g9.09
Croissant 7 DAYS, 80g0.65RAFFAELLO, 150g3.45
Chocolate RITTER SPORT, 100g1.99NUTELLA, 750g5.05


Product nameProduct name
Peach nectar LANITIS, 9*250ml4.58SPRITE zero, 4*330ml2.40
Apple juice LANITIS, 1l1.49RED BULL, 4*250ml4.95
Tomato juice KEAN, 1l1.50STELLA ARTOIS, 6*330ml7.75

Vegan products

Product nameProduct name
Coconut milk ALAMBRA, 1l2.99Almond-coconut milk ALPRO, 1l2.59
Almond milk ALAMBRA, 1l3.50Almond milk ALPRO, 1l2.34
Oat milk ALAMBRA, 1l2.89Unroasted almond milk ALPRO, 1l2.36
Gyoza SAINSBURY’S, 210g3.99Quarter pounder BIRDSEYE, 454g4.25

2. Personal care

Product nameProduct name
Toothpaste COLGATE Gum Revitiliz, 75ml5.09Shampoo HEAD & SHOULDERS Classic Clean, 400ml4,89
Toothpaste ORAL B Gum&Ename, 75ml5.58Mask L’OREAL Elvive Oil Coco, 300ml7.99
Mouthwash LISTERINE Teeth &Gum, 250ml4.38Conditioner DOVE Pure Care, 250ml4.83
Shampoo PANTENE Clas Care Sham, 360ml3.95Shower Gel FA Power Boost, 250ml2.55
Shampoo FRUCTIS Cucumber, 400ml4.75Shower Gel LUX Velvet Touch, 700ml3.56

3. Household care

Product nameProduct name
Dishwashing liquid FAIRY Liquid Original, 500ml1.49CIF Cream Classic, 750ml2.10
Dishwashing liquid FAIRY Lemon, 1015ml2.49CIF Power Spray, 500ml2.99
Dishwasher detergent FINISH All in 1 max, 20ct7.92Glass cleaner AJAX Crystal, 750ml2.59
Dishwasher detergent FINISH Aio Eco Tabs, 23ct8.79Floor cleaner AJAX Ultra Lavender, 1l2.55
Dishwasher detergent FINISH All in 1 Lemon, 650ml8.79Floor cleaner KLINEX Ocean Fresh, 1l2.90
Dishwasher detergent FINISH Quantum Max Lemon, 22ct8.79Toilet cleaner DOMESTOS, 750ml1.29
Powder ARIEL Mount Spr, 4.125kg13.72Washing liquid COMFORT Color, 1.2l5.95
Powder DIXAN Levander, 2.31kg8.69Fabric conditioner LENOR Spring Awakening, 1.19l2.89


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