Our spending a month in stores

We are a young family (20-30 years old) without children.

Half of January + February 718.68
March 316.55
April 317.16
May 450.07
June 372.72
July 367.54

Product prices by category for comparison

Below are the prices for July 2019 (different stores may differ).

1. Food

Product name
Nutella 750g 5.52
Pork sausages 4/75g 1.49
Chicken, 1kg 3.69
Beef shoulder, 1kg 8.95
Pork brisket, 1kg 4.25
Coca Cola 8/0.33l 4.15
Kerrygold butter, 250g 4.25
Ahmad English Breakfast Tea 1.65
Eggs chicken 12pc. 1.99
Salmon, kg 15.49
Cabbage, kg 1.45
Champignons, kg 3.75
Tomatoes, kg 0.99-1.99
Cucumbers, kg 1.29-1.39
Carrots, kg 1.29
Avocado, kg 6.95
Sweet pepper, kg 4.25
Strawberries, kg 5.49
Watermelon, kg 0.39
Pineapple, kg 1.49
Fig, kg 3.95
Grapes, kg 1.99-3.99

2. Personal care

Product name
Oral B Pro-Expert, 75ml 4.55
Colgate Max White, 100ml 1.60
Colgate Fresh Gel, 100ml 1.15
Colgate Herbal, 100ml 1.05
SENSODYNE Complete, 75ml 4.98
SENSODYNE Repair, 75ml 4.64
LISTERINE Coo Citrus, 250ml 1.95
LISTERINE Fresh Burst, 250ml 1.95
Head and Shoulder Citrus Fresh, 400ml 4.90
PANTENE PRO-V Repair, 360ml 3.95
AXE Bodyspray Dark Temptation, 150ml 4.25
NIVEA MEN Invisible 48h deo roll, 50ml 3.29
NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Foam, 250ml 3.99
NIVEA MEN Sensitive After Shave Balsam, 100ml 9.45
NIVEA Micellar Water, 400ml 7.50
NIVEA Cleansing Milk Cream, 200ml 6.59
NIVEA pearl q beauty 48h deo spray 3.49
GARNIER FRUCTIS Cucumber Fresh shampoo, 400ml 3.89
GARNIER FRUCTIS Color Resist shampoo, 400ml 3.89
GARNIER FRUCTIS Goodbye Damage conditioner, 250ml 3.69

3. Household Care

Product name
FAIRY Pomegranate, 520ml 1.55
FAIRY Citrus, 520ml 1.55
FAIRY Original, 500ml 1.75
FAIRY Original, 1l 2.98
FAIRY tablets Platinum, 18 9.34
FAIRY tablets Original, 22 9.10
Finish All in 1 max, 20 tabs 7.49
Finish quantum, 36 tabs 13.65
Finish Dishwasher Protector, 250ml 4,.9
Cif Cream Classic, 750ml 1.99
Cif Power Spray, 500ml 1.99
Domestos Extended Germ-Kill, 750ml 1.99
ARIEL Original liquid detergent, 2.475ml 11.95
ARIEL 3 in 1 Pods, 38 washes 14.99
Lenor Spring Awakening, 1.190 ml 4.99

Other expenses in 6 months

  • Petrol (Honda Fit Class B) is 288 euros or relative: 240l at 1.2 euros or 3900km at a cost of 6l/100km.
  • Housing (electricity, water and sewerage) – 496 euros. The main is light, and the water is inexpensive.
  • Cafes and restaurants – 1100 euros. In the beginning we went more often, then noticed how many goes away and became less frequent.
  • Mobile Internet and calls – 60 euros for two or 10 euros per month for the Spanish Orange Mundo and Cypriot PrimeTel (in a future post). Home Internet we have included in the rent.
  • Rent for a 2 room apartment with furniture and a swimming pool in the Universal area – 700 euros per month.
  • Therapeutic massage – 720 euros or 120 euros/month (once a week for 30 euros /hour per hour).

The list does not include spending during a 2-week vacation, 1 trip to Russia, sending money to parents home, birthdays and gifts, clothes and shoes, as well as entertainment, medicines and other expenses including cash.

Calculating spending per month

At the beginning of life in Cyprus, to better understand the costs, collected checks from stores. These statistics have made it possible to better understand our budget and make adjustments, for example, on eating out. When everything settled, we began to track spending in the mobile bank Tinkoff – the benefit of more than 90% of spending goes card.

Subjectively, products (especially fruits) are much tastier than in Russia.



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