ANSWER: Don’t worry, especially on holiday! Go to any nearest Petrolina branch on other days and hours when there are supposedly live people at both stations (weekdays in the morning, for example) and present a cheque issued earlier by REFUND. Employees themselves will call the branch, where everything happened, check the data on the check and you will return everything.

LONG: Another road trip to the Troodos Mountains on the weekend from Paphos, stop means in one village for refueling:

Not a single soul at the gas station, because Saturday – refuel ourselves through the automatic column. It would seem that everything is simple and not the first day married: you drive up to the right column, put a bill in the receiver, choose a type of fuel and a column, put a gun in the tank and wait. But this time something went wrong and the treasured fuel never poured.

It became sad because. the ride was still far away, the tank was almost empty, and the cash was not much with him. After a while, a check with the word REFUND (refund) came out of the column and became a little more fun.

We went around the gas station in the circle hoping to find some phone number to find out what to do next, but nothing happened. There were no people behind the closed glass door on Saturday (half of the second day).

“God is with you” – I thought obscenely and took out the last 10 euros of cash, having previously moved the car to another car station. This time everything worked and the treasured fuel was poured.

On the way to the village of Kalopanaiotis, another Petrolina petrol station attracted our attention – there were live people and a gas station. We came up with a REFUND check and explained the situation, asking to fill us up for this amount if possible. The employee said that first you need to call the original gas station and check the check data, but they did not respond (the time was already two or three hours). Left with nothing and pocketing the little things, we exchanged it for a bill of 10 euros and refueled once again in the machine.

Because we live in Paphos, and to go an hour and a half to the mountain village on a weekday to rescue their 20 euros was clearly not worth it, I decided to try my luck in Paphos. Googled the nearest petrolina branch and drove off on Tuesday:

Again showed the check to the employee and asked to fill me for this amount or return the money with cash. This time at the original gas station in that village responded to the call and I had no problems solved the problem.



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