One of the first places we visited in Cyprus was the village of Lefkara. It is one of the most popular villages on the island among tourists. And the most beautiful for us.

In summer, the number of tourists increases many times, so it can be a little cramped. Because of the narrow streets it is better to leave the car somewhere in the upper parking lot, otherwise you can not leave.

Lefkara is a melot in its architecture. Ancient buildings have a centuries-old history.

And absolutely stone streets are decorated with a great variety of potted plants. And many have taverns where you can relax and eat.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the front doors of houses. Every house, even an abandoned one, has its own special door. Blue, green, brown. And each of them is unique in the combination of color and pattern. A whole little world.

But the village is known for embroidery and lace “lefkaritics” which have been made here for several centuries and silver ornaments in the technique of filigree. There are shops with crafts on almost every street. And everyone is replete with a variety of goods. Finally, in one of them we bought a beautiful pendant.



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