Often enough on the beaches or at sea our feet had to suffer. Hot sand and pebbles, sharp stones, algae, corals and other prickly marine life brought inconvenience in the form of pain, bruises and cuts.

Protection was required not only on land on the approach to the water, but also in the body of water itself – for example, swam to an island or large stones, where you need to get up and relax.

Decisions reviewed

After a few cuts and broken fingers, we corrected this situation. To your attention, there are several options for solving the problem.

1. Leather or rubber flip-flops (from 2 to 30 degrees)


  • Light and inexpensive.
  • Protect your feet on land.
  • In some models, you can not go into the water to soak your legs without swimming.


  • It is impossible to swim – fly off the feet and just uncomfortable.
  • Leather or rubber can get wet and grunt when walking.
  • Some leather models are spoiled by salt water.
  • It is not very convenient to walk on the beach: sand is stuffed and it is easy for them to scratch or grate feet and fingers, on a pebble or uneven surface there is a risk of tucking legs.

2. Coral slippers/akvasvasis (7 to 20 degrees)


  • Light and inexpensive.
  • Dense rubber non-slip sole protects the feet – you can safely walk on any surface both on land and in water.
  • The sand is not stuffed inwards, because close to the leg.
  • On the legs sit tightly, do not fall off and do not interfere with swimming.
  • Thanks to the membrane top in the slippers does not linger water and they quickly dry.


  • They miss fine sand.
  • It will be difficult for a person with a high rise to wear them.
  • Rubber sole can miss very sharp stones (depending on the model).

3. Flippers (from 10 to 30 degrees)


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Great speed of swimming:-)
  • Dense plastic sole – protects against any pebbles and spicy rubble.


  • Not designed for travel on land: to go even a short distance from the place with things to water – flour. You have to go backwards or sideways.
  • Going into the water is also inconvenient because of the sailing and stuffing sand in step with the waves – I put them in the water at depth or jump immediately from the shore.
  • Not everyone is suitable – among women there are hardly amateurs.

What did they end up with?

Our choice is #2. Coral slippers or acuvasis have passed all the tests in different vacations and still leave no doubt. In them and feet convenient everywhere, when swimming discreetly, and on land you can move quickly and safely. We operate two low-cost couples for more than 4 years/seasons of vacations and while the flight is normal, the condition is excellent. On one leg only slightly scratched the sock when hitting a sharp stone, but it is unnoticed.

After a long operation on vacation there was another funny “minus” – wearing them can forget because. they are light and do not notice. This forgetfulness allows you to earn a funny “tourist’s tan” not only on the butt, but also on the feet:-)

: The goods are bought and tested on their own for personal use. The article is not an advertisement and reflects the author’s personal experience and opinion. Trademarks belong to their rightful owners.



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