Sometimes it’s boring to swim stupidly. I would like to make being in the water less stupid, but at the same time accessible and safe. Some people prefer to fly on parachutes, races on water motorcycles and bananas, games with ball and frisbee, relax on inflatable circles or mattresses. We like to dive for shells, swim to interesting places, look at corals, fish and other aquatic inhabitants – snorkeling.

With large waves, hard swimming or diving, water inevitably gets into the eyes, mouth and nose. At best, the latter led to congestion of nasal channels and nasopharynx, and at worst – to intestinal infection from dirty water and part of the vacation with a white friend.

Decisions reviewed

To your attention a few options to solve the problem of safe swimming in the water, so that you can admire the underwater life and not be afraid that the water will get into the eyes, nose or mouth.

1. Swimming points (from 2 to 30 degrees)


  • The lightest – not felt on the head, you can safely walk on land
  • Do not limit the possibilities of swimming, for example, on the back. You can also dive deep.
  • The most affordable.


  • Sweat and require rubbing.
  • Protect only the eyes and do not give anything for breathing under water or at least protection of the mouth.

2. Mask kit with a tube (7 to 50 q)


  • The mask itself is quite light.
  • Small dimensions of the mask itself.
  • Suitable for deep-sea dives (10m).


  • The ability to breathe only through the mouth. The mouth itself is not protected from salt water.
  • Glass sweat – you have to use a grandfatherly method with rubbing spitting.
  • It is inconvenient to keep in your mouth constantly when swimming .
  • Inconvenient for short-term movements on land – hanging and dangling tube still interferes. The same tube cuts the swimming on the back.
  • The plastic mount on the tube quickly broke down. The tube is long enough (45 cm) and does not fit everywhere for transportation.

3. Full-face mask for snorkeling (25 to 50 q)


  • You can breathe calmly with your nose and mouth. The mask fits tightly to the face – silicone obturator does not allow water to get inside. Due to the presence of elastic straps, the mask is easily and securely fixed on the head of different sizes.
  • The mask does not sweat, as at the bottom is a valve diverting condensate and water, if it did get inside.
  • Wide angle of view, plastic does not distort the image.
  • There is a float in the tube that blocks the flow of water when diving or from a wave. You can safely dive up to 5-8 meters – checked.
  • On the tube there is a bright tip, thanks to which you can quickly find a person in a crowd of floundering heads.


  • Not the most affordable solution, but it’s worth it – believe me.
  • On very hot days (35-40g), the mask can start to sweat a little (I guess from sweat from the face and wet air outside). Helps to rinse it with sea water or the same grandfather’s method with spitting.
  • Sometimes, if the gum gets on the bangs from above or unshaven beard from below, water can seep a little, but it is rare and a small thing.
  • On the beach and on the water, people look like aliens and ask them to try:-)

What we eventually came up to

Our choice is #3. The full-face mask passed all the tests in different vacations and did not break for 4 years. So far leaves no doubt to us, and on the beach causes envious views of people who have not yet passed our way. And there was a BONUS or a pleasant non-target use for fun with big bubbling waves (1-3m) – with all the fearless in them to jump and carry away with the flow, because. nothing flies into his eyes and mouth and calmly.

Points for the pool quickly reclined because of the inability to use for snorkeling – to breathe something necessary and water in the mouth gets. The usual mask with a tube was also used for a short time: i had a sweating and sensation in the mouth of a foreign object well, and broke off the plastic attachment of the tube.

The archived photo of the decision #2 and #3.  After the mask #2 broke, we bought another full-faced (red above) for a joint swim well and not to wait in line:-). The new generation of masks of the same company turned out to be even a third cheaper.

: The goods are bought and tested on their own for personal use. The article is not an advertisement and reflects the author’s personal experience and opinion. Trademarks belong to their rightful owners.



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