A few weeks of incessant heat in Cyprus so tired that I wanted to break out of it for one day. After looking at the map and the weather forecast, we decided to go to the mountains. The purpose of our trip was the Kelefos Bridge, an hour and a half from Paphos.

The bridge was built several centuries ago by the Venetians, during the reign of the island.

Under the old stone bridge flows a shallow river with ice water flowing into the armin reservoir. 

The reservoir can be reached by a dirt road along the river. The road passes through a steep climb and crosses a mountain stream, so it is better to go there on a suitable SUV. So the Japanese jeep with a large family from the Celestial Empire did not risk to storm this obstacle and had to turn around.

From the road there are picturesque views of mountain landscapes, a little reminiscent of European. Along the shore were seen a few fishermen, as well as places of past parking lots and, unfortunately, garbage – the latter was not expected in such an authentic place …

After a walk to the reservoir, we decided to relax a little and enjoy the coolness alone. Near the reservoir it was not possible to do it because of fishermen. That’s why we settled on the stone bank of the river.

Minutes later, a light rain froze, though did not spoil our mood, as quickly ended, and the crown of the tree saved. We were also entertained by a one-eyed, but self-confident crab slicing circles around a stone in the water (apparently we were banished).

By the way, in front of our parking lot, if you cross the “stormy” mountain river, in the foliage we looked at the fence, hiding the camping with a bunch of trailers. I do not know how they got there, but judging by the numerous signs, the place is still popular for hiking.

According to the map, in depth you can find more from the heels of such bridges. Definitely, this is a place that is not ashamed to mention the asterisk on Google Maps – we will try to return here in search of cool mountains and picturesque views… well, and to check whether they lie about the other bridges:-)

On the note to road travelers like us, do not drive and take care of the pads on the way to this place – a road with good swings, somewhere very narrow and looping noblely. We had a car on the machine and to the place arrived with hot brake discs and a specific smell. If the car still has such a technical capability, it is worth remembering the engine braking …



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