Hallstatt is a colorful community on the shores of the picturesque Lake Hallstatter, in the land of Upper Austria.

Popular attractions include the Lutheran Church, Lake Hallstatter and salt mines.

Panoramas of the lake can be admired all day, they are incomparable from any angle.

Seestrasse, which goes to Landungsplatz, is home to almost all of the city’s restaurants and souvenir shops.

Unfortunately, this beautiful town has one drawback – an innumerable number of tourists, especially in the summer season. On the coastal zone people do not push through, and put the car in the parking lot – a mission more than Tom Cruise. We’ve read before that it’s not all smooth, but we didn’t expect to that extent – little Venice of its kind.

Many people throw their cars a few kilometers from the village in roadside pockets or widening roads, and then walk along the roadside, which is not very safe. At the entrance from the south road there are a couple of parking lots inside the mountain, but places there at 11-12h in the summer (were in August) will not be found, as the digital scoreboard warns. Then there are several parking lots inside the village, but there is also to look for happiness – none of the 4 parking lots had even one free space at this time. As a result, we drove about a kilometer or two on the main road in the village and then it suddenly ran out, judging by the signs. Then we drove another 5km before there was at least one free space along the roadside (not parking) – before that everything was jammed with cars. In the end, we turned around and drove to the beginning of the village. The paratrooper sororas with a camera in the center, and the support transport was left to the parking lot in the mountain tunnel, so that then you could walk only a couple of kilometers:-). In general, it was that rare moment when we wanted to become carefree tourists from a cozy bus – the car is still not only freedom, but also responsibility (hemor).

Maybe purposefully go to Hullstatt is not necessary, but on the way to stop and relax here is still worth it. We were only here a couple of hours moving from one city to another, and were pleased.



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