In the vicinity of the village of Crete Tera, on the way from Paphos to Polis, hides an unusual waterfall Kremmiltis. And it is unusual that you get to him through the tunnel from the back. Because of this feature to go here is better not in sneakers, and in comfortable sandals, so that the legs then dried faster, and be sure to take what to change.

If you choose the destination of the waterfall itself, then Google Maps last stretch of the path shows incorrectly. Therefore, it is better to choose the destination of parking, and then look at the state of the road.

On the white road you need to go a few minutes, exactly following the sign. Almost in front of the parking lot will be a steep descent. We did not dare to go on it and put the car a little higher, in a small pocket for two cars.

To the right of the parking lot are the lake and the upper part of the waterfall. There are also tables and benches for rest, which will accommodate 20 people.

To get to the main waterfall, choose the left path from the parking lot and follow the sign.

For the most part the trail is either flat, or with a slight slope down, but there are also some not the most comfortable stairs. We passed this site in 10 minutes.

In this cave begins all the fun. Due to the fact that from above fly splashes of water, all electronic devices it is better to immediately hide somewhere where they do not wet.

Then you need to go through the water through a narrow tunnel. I was 170 cm tall and weighing 51 kg quite well with this task, but only on the second attempt. In order not to crawl on the knees backpack with a camera had to move on the stomach. The legs in the sneakers got wet right away.

Going out pleases the ledge (I’m almost to the knee), and to climb it you need to sweat a little, because the tunnel is very crowded. And on top pours cold water. It was even harder to climb back in.

And only after all this you can see the beauty of the waterfall.



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