The Timi picnic area is a spacious playground in a small forest of the same name, which is located before the entrance to Paphos airport.

The area is fenced on several sides and equipped with everything necessary for outdoor recreation.

The sets of the table are installed more than a dozen at different distances from each other. The legs of tables and benches are wooden, and the countertops and sittings are stone (there are exceptions). Everything is quite stable.

For a large number of holidaymakers made 2 special indoor places for breeding fire.

If you suddenly become bored, you can swing.

A large garbage can was carefully installed to avoid polluting the area and not to carry all the garbage back.

The road along the left side of the recreation area leads to a spacious wild beach, where there is a pretty gazebo with benches and an urn.

This beach can be interesting for people with children, as the first few meters stone bottom forms a kind of podium on which is quite shallow.



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