If you want to see eucalyptus trees live in Cyprus, head to the eucalyptus grove on the coast of Polis.

The left half of the grove is occupied by the largest Cypriot campsite – Polis Chrysohus.

On rainy days, the dirt road at the entrance can hide puddles, however, cars will pass without unnecessary effort. We visited the grove 3 times from October to November and had no problems with parking near the beach itself. Rescuers on the beach also said that parking in this place is free (camping is paid separately).

The camping area can also be accessed from the beach and quietly walk, inhaling the air fragrant from essential oils.

On the beach there is a cafe with a good menu, and in the summer season set sunbeds and umbrellas. There are also changing rooms, but not in the best condition. It remains to be believed that by next season they will be repaired.

To the right of the cafe goes the path to the neighboring settlement. Runners and bike riders were often seen on the footpath.



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