After connecting to the GESY medical system, once a year, you can receive a professional dental cleaning procedure for free. I searched Google for Russian-speaking doctors in Paphos and compared them with the list of dentists in GESY (maximum mutual understanding is important for me when visiting doctors). As a result, I chose the dentist Athena Arzumanida (+357-26-948080). She is hosting the reception at Athinodorou Business Center (coordinates: 34.776324, 32.425904). There are several paid and free parking lots within walking distance. It is important to keep in mind that there is no X-ray equipment at this place, so in difficult cases you may need to take an X-ray at the Evangelisimos clinic or others.

At the time of the appointment with the dentist, my plastic card (Pink slip) was on reissue, which I warned about by phone. Therefore, already in the clinic, for registration of the procedure, the dentist used the identification number of my registration certificate (Yellow slip), because it corresponds to the number of the plastic card.

Together with the cleaning, a free prophylactic examination of the teeth was carried out. As a result of the examination, the dentist recommended a couple of places for replacement of fillings. Since the procedure, the professionalism of the doctor and the equipment were completely satisfactory, I signed up separately for paid treatment in the same place. The cost of replacing one tooth filling was 50 €, which is comparable to services in Russia. In general, I was satisfied and can recommend this place.



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