If you are in Austria and are planning to drive along the Grosglockner High Mountain Road (we have written about it before), we recommend visiting Jungfernsprung waterfall near the village of Aichhorn.

The waterfall is 130 meters long and we noticed when we were driving on the B107 from north to south.

Spacious free parking is located almost opposite the waterfall.

The Mjel River, which originates on Mount Grosglockner.

To the waterfall we climbed the path closer to the stream, and descended already forced through the forest. As it turned out, it was still acceptable to climb up, but to go down an almost steep and narrow path it is not safe. Trails are quite slippery, and the stones on them are very wobbly, so sneakers will not hurt.

On the last site, which can be climbed, there is a sign informing about the possibility of falling stones.

If the sounds of water cause natural needs in your body, then next to the parking lot there is a restaurant, and behind it a toilet (pay on trust – 50 cents).



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