Grossglockner High Alpine Road is one of Austria’s most popular tourist destinations. The road is located in the Austrian Alps and connects the lands of Salzburg and Carinthia.

Our way was from Weergle to Graz, so we stopped on the road from the north. The car’s ride on 08.08.2019 cost 36.50 euros. A ticket, an information booklet and a sticker are issued at the ticket office. The booklet has a map showing 11 information points where you can find restaurants, toilets, gas stations (even for electric cars) and many other useful information. All locations have free Wi-Fi.

There are viewing platforms throughout the road. Our first stop was opposite a small mountain river.

The cows are in the fog.

Small herds of cows are found at different altitudes along the route.

Somewhere there is a beautiful landscape (honestly).

We count the sheep.

After the middle of the road at the level of 3km began a protracted descent. Even with a careful ride, the smell of brake pads was soon heard. I had to switch manual gears and brake the engine.

Fuscher Lacke (number 7 on the map) has a gift shop, a cafe and a large playground in the style of marmot mink.

If you are travelling in Austria by car, you should visit this beautiful place. You can just go and enjoy the mountainous scenery or visit all the information points. In them you will learn about the history of the road, visit exhibitions, pass natural trails on the reserve or observe groundhogs and birds of prey.

All the necessary information for travel is on their official website.



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