The unique Cedar Valley is located in the Nicosia district, about 4 km from the border with Paphos. And 16 km later is the Kykkos Monastery.

After the village of Pano Panaya, the road goes into the mountains and becomes terribly winding. I was disturbed by this whole part of the way back and forth, which caused us to stop several times. Fortunately, pockets for a stop can be found, although the road and goes on the slopes of the mountains. Therefore, if you have motionless pills – use them, and if not – buy, without them will be worse.

About the Valley

At this stand you can see rare species of plants and animals living in the area; with a map of the area, which is marked with interesting places to visit. Learn more about what the Cypriot cedar looks like and its history.

For all those wishing to take a break from the tedious road and enjoy the clean coniferous air installed benches. The road at this turn is made of paving, so cars will drive here even slower and will not leave behind a plume of dust. Opposite the benches there is a path leading to the public toilet.

A few meters from the stand begins a walking trail, which involves a hike through the valley in 2.5 km. The road, of course, rocky, but no special shoes are required. On all sides the path is surrounded by mixed forest, and to the left of it is a channel of drying river.

At the end of October it is cooler than on the coast, which we did not think about. Therefore, it is better to bring pants and a jacket, so that you can safely walk in the quiet forest.



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