For 8 months we visited almost all the beaches in Paphos district and simple sunbathing no longer rolled. In the arrival of our friends, we decided to organize a boat trip. A quick search in Paphos did not work, so we chose Polis – this place has also been associated with crystal clear water in past visits.

There were no free boats at the first rental point (we booked on Friday for Saturday). So we decided to take a chance and take the place at 11 o’clock in the morning – in the end we were lucky to rent a boat in the Water Sports Center.

Lease terms

  • Boat – 7m 150hp with a capacity of up to 6 people.
  • It’s four hours.
  • The cost is 214 degrees fixed and 32 degrees fuel (depending on driving style).
  • Bail – 850 euros (blocked on credit card for the rest of the trip).
  • Documents – category B driver’s license.

On safety

Before we set sail we had two briefings in excellent English – most of the staff are from the UK. First, the map shows where it is better to swim, at what speed, what can be dangers (riffs and stones), at what distance to stay, where it is better to park.

Before boarding the boat, everyone is given a life jacket. The second part of the briefing is already taking place on the boat. You will be thoroughly acquainted with the device of the boat, control devices, tell where is what is, where and when to press, and what is better not to do. We also photographed the original condition of the propeller blades – at the end they are inspected to avoid misunderstandings.

At the end of the 10-15 min lesson you will know:

  • Where better to drop the anchor is how to make sure it holds, what is the optimal length and angle of the cable, how to tie the cable from the anchor for parking (0.8.0).
  • How to lower and lift the engine (required for shallow water) and that it is better not to drive with the engine raised.
  • How to listen to the radio signal and send a signal to the shore.
  • How to start, how to move back and forth at cruising speed, how to accelerate, why wrap your leg with a cable and how not to fall out of the felling.
  • How to raise the ladder, how to drain water, if covered with a wave, where is the tank and other.

At the end of the lesson, the instructor takes you out of the harbor into the open sea at 200-300m and he is picked up by an auxiliary boat. Then you are left alone with the helm in the open sea and go further, if everyone understood:-)

How it went

On the shore you can take 4 masks and snorkeling tubes for free. You can also take a plastic box of ice for food and drinks for free. There is no food sold at the place, so we ran to the supermarket in 50m for sandwiches and drinks.

It is important to note that already at average speed the wind blows in a large number of splashes. And if you drive and get on the wave, then there can be a lot of roll. In the cabin there is a waterproof box on two clips, where we carefully removed shoes, bags with phones and other valuables. The rest was left under the benches in front.

If you do not want to be in the water ahead of time, it is better for passengers to sit on the bench from behind (capacity 2-3 people). The captain has his seat, but steering sitting is not very convenient – the glass quickly pours splashes and visibility deteriorates. It is more convenient (and more spectacular!) to steer standing – so 100% will not miss oncoming ships and floating in front of divers does not wind up on the screw.

The journey from the marina to the extreme western point of the island took about 40 minutes – we decided to immediately swim nonstop to the end and then return with a careful entrance to each bay. This strategy allowed you not to worry about time.

The bays were the most pleasant and landscaped: Blue Lagoon (7), Fontana Amorosa (8) and Aphrodite Rocks (2). The rest are good too, but these are full tops.

From entertainment, of course, jumping into the water from the bow of a boat. Snorkeling in such clean waters was also the 80th level – swimming like a glass 3 litre jar of cucumbers. At the stops there was an opportunity to get ashore and climb the rocks, somewhere to jump. Surrounding boaters also buzzed, sipping beer, often to the music – in general, the atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation.

Along the route runs a boat with kind and proactive rescuers. So once they swam up to us and asked if everything was okay when we decided to stop for a photo. The second time we invited them ourselves to help to enter the complex shallow bay and choose the most suitable area for anchoring the bottom.

At the end of the trip, you need to contact the Center on the radio and say that you are waiting for them in 200-300m from the marina and ready to return. Within 5 minutes comes an auxiliary boat and experienced instructors park you in the marina and make a final inspection of the ship (how much fuel is spent, the condition of the propeller blades, etc.).


For 4 hours we swam about 40km no further than 1km from the shore. Impressions all remained the most positive, tanned well, no one was sick on the waves. The captain lost his hat at speed, but it’s the little things. Definitely recommended for the whole family – a great holiday!



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