The BMW Museum opened in 1973 is a popular place not only for fans of this brand, but for all cars in general.


The museum is located 100 meters from the famous Olympic Park. Near the museum building there is a bus stop for buses 173 and N76, and 600 meters away there is a large covered parking lot (48.1804188, 11.553865).  

Ticket price

  • Adult ticket – 10 €
  • For children under 18 years old – 7 €
  • Reduced ticket – 7 € 

Read the conditions for granting a discount ticket on the official website of the museum. 

Opening hours

  •  Tuesday – sunday: 10:00 – 18:00

Last entry time: 17:30.

About the museum

Of course, cars are the main exposition of the museum. Here are all the car models produced by BMW in different years for different needs and purposes. For some especially popular and significant models, separate rooms are allocated in which you can learn more about the history of the car, watch their advertisements and photographs of its use in real life.

In addition to cars, the museum offers its visitors to get acquainted with motorcycles, including racing ones, various types of engines and brand advertising. Particular attention is paid to the concepts of cars of the near and not very future.

Already at the exit there is a small exposition dedicated to the impact of various types of public and individual transport on the ecology of individual countries and the whole world. The stands contain not only boring text and numbers, but also graphs, diagrams and pictures so that any visitor, even without knowing the language, could independently understand the meaning and message of this exposition.



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