The Treasury of the Habsburgs is a museum that exhibits the most valuable jewelry for the dynasty, symbols of power and religious attributes. As an exhibition hall began to form during the reign of Emperor Rudolf II, when a separate wing in the Hofburg was built for her.

The museum is located in the Hofburg palace ensemble, next to the riding school.

Since the treasury is located in the historic center of Vienna, tourists can only park their cars in special parking lots. The two nearest paid parking are located at a distance of 600-800 meters (48.210987 16.3682902, 48.2114326 16.3649431). At 100 meters there is a bus stop for bus №1 (48.207716 16.3679793). The Herrengasse metro station, line U3 (48.2096483 16.3663801) is about 500 meters away.

Ticket price

  •  Adult ticket – 14 €
  • Child ticket (0-19 years old) – free

Opening hours

Due to quarantine restrictions, the museum is temporarily closed. The exact opening date and opening hours will be published on the official website of the museum.   

About the museum

The Habsburg dynasty has been accumulating its wealth for centuries, some of which is now available for everyone to view. Many of the treasury exhibits make an indelible impression and amaze with their beauty and value (both material and historical). The exposition of the museum is thematically divided into two parts: secular and religious.     

The secular treasury includes various attributes of the imperial power, coronation robes, orders and baptismal accessories, precious stones and adornments.

Religious – the Holy Grail and the Spear of Fate, icons, crosses and crucifixes, statuettes of saints and various church utensils. This exposition is a valuable collection of Christian relics.   

When visiting the museum, it is worth remembering that this is still a former treasury. Here you will not see decorations of palace rooms, pieces of furniture and other items of everyday life of monarchs, since these are too simple things that had no value for the owners of the palace of those times. If you are interesting to look at these things, then you should definitely visit the Museum of the Imperial Furniture (48.1987897 16.3470393).    

Subjective opinion

On the one hand, I liked this place, but on the other, not quite. Before visiting the museum, I did not read anything about it and was guided only by the name. Perhaps that’s why I had high expectations. And also I have already managed to visit the Museum of Imperial Furniture, which I liked much more.       

So, if you want to really enjoy visiting the treasury, then read about it on the Internet (you can even see some of the exhibits on the official website) and be one of the first to visit the treasury, so as not to spoil the impression. Then you definitely will spend 1.5-2 hours for the tour, and not 40 minutes as I was.   



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