Not far from the waterfalls of Millomeris and Caledonia there is a low waterfall Kantara. It is located in the Troodos Mountains, near the village of Feeney.

At the entrance to the village you need to be very careful not to miss a little sign at the congress. From the exit to the waterfall goes, about 1 km, a dirt road with covered stones.

You can leave the car downstairs and get up on foot or drive to the information desk 50 meters from the waterfall (which we did on our little Honda).

The lower part of the waterfall is 8 meters high and consists of several segments forming a shallow lake.

To the top two cascades leads a rather steep staircase of black stone.

Almost at the very end of the stone steps lie chaotic, which complicates the ascent, especially if the stones are slippery after the rain.

The upper part of the waterfall is located under the crowns of trees, in a secluded place, something resembling a stone bowl. You can cross the rocks through the water and there is a small area with which you can take good photos.

From the waterfall to the mountains is a dirt road. It is pleasant to walk, enjoying the clean air, and admiring the beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes.



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