The bridge is located in the eastern part of the village of Platres on the Krios Potamos River, 1.5 km below Millomeris Falls.

There is a walking path across the bridge, but it is not its final destination, so there are two ways to get to it.

  • The first way. He leads from the village itself. The car can be put in the parking lot – 34.881554, 32.859750, walk 300 meters to the beginning of the trail, and then another 650 meters to the bridge.
    • Complexity of the route: difficult.
  • The second way. Starts on the same road that leads to Millomeris Falls. The trail starts from almost a small parking lot (34.874935, 32.866608) on the side of the road. Another 300 meters will be left to the bridge.
    • Complexity of the route: simple.
  • Entrance cost: your sweat and blood.

We walked along the road from the village. If we knew in advance which road lies ahead, we would either choose a different route, or did not go at all.

About the trail and the bridge

At the beginning of the long road there is a stand with a map of the area. And immediately after him the path begins to go down. The angle of inclination is not very large, but it is not very convenient to descend on it. Also, the descent is complicated by small pebbles, which are poured from under the feet.

Due to the fact that during the rainy season the trail turbulent flow streams that erode it, it is in most of the route is narrow rocky and uneven. No one cares for the trail, so in some places the thorny plants are overgrown and scratch the skin as you pass them.

Somewhere in the middle of the route, you need to go down the slope again, only even more steep. On it is necessary to go sideways and small step-close.

Fortunately, there is a bench near the bridge, where you can relax and realize that you will have to return the same way. Bridge is quite nice, not very large, it is beautiful braid the vines, but he looks almost no different from the other ancient Cypriot bridges.

Is it worth it?

From myself I want to say that the bridge is not worth such torment. For us, the return trip was much more difficult, and we stopped four times to catch our breath. On the trail it is best to go in sneakers with a good outsole.

If you go with small children or you have problems with joints, or there is no suitable shoes, you need to go very carefully, and it is better to choose the second way, and with a stroller there is nothing to do.



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