The building was built between 1642 and 1644 for a weapons warehouse. In the 18th century the arsenal lost its direct purpose as a result of military reforms, but the building was preserved as a monument. The arsenal became a museum in 1882, when it first opened to the public.

The entrance fee for adults at Landeszeughaus is 9.50 euros. Other ticket options are available on the museum’s official website.

You can see a variety of types of stabbing, cutting and small arms, as well as different armor variants (and not just for bipedals).

At the entrance to the halls of the museum immediately rushes into the nose the smell of weapons oil. The ideal condition of the exhibits is constantly supported by the painstaking work of the staff. It is forbidden to touch something strictly, as sweaty traces provoke rust.

Chooses his Narsil (for those in the subject line):-)
I confess never seen two-handed knives for bread:-)

In general, it was very interesting to see real medieval weapons and protection live – before that seen only in books and movies. If we talk about armor, the exhibition begins with simple exhibits for ordinary soldiers.

Especially surprised strongly protruding keel and the overall size of armor – the guys then were tentacles.

As the movement, protective suits are becoming more fashionable and fashionable – the drawing determined the status of the owner.

And at the sight of these guys there was an association with Marvel iron-men:-)
And then there were Disney’s “Duck Stories” – the beaks are especially good!
From the kind of protection of the groin of the second right of the beautiful knight men feel insecure:-)
And what does Pryna from Shrek do on the right?!:-)

Very widely represented stabbing weapons of different eras and even peoples, ranging from Western samples to Ottoman sabers and peak.

Small arms are also shown from ancient log-shaped wicks to elegant pistols, shotguns and guns. The quality of the work and painting can also draw conclusions about the rank of the owner of the weapon.

From the guns especially remembered these cute handbags – hand mortars.

Currently, the museum has about 32,000 units of various exhibits, placed on 4 floors.

To complete the article want a few graffiti of the near-war-death theme, found all in the same Graz on the way back from the museum.



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